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Sasaship Pte Ltd is a company of Naval Architects and Marine Consultants, providing marine services throughout the Asia Pacific regions. The firm was incorporated in Singapore in May 1997


Sasaship is based in Singapore, where it maintains a small highly experienced team of Consultants, Naval Architects and Designers, Marine Engineers and Technicians. The firm specialises in providing consultancy, design works, project management and engineering services for the Shipbuilding and Repair Industries. It has expertise involving various kinds of marine crafts including: -


 1.        Fast Patrol Crafts, Crew Boats and Utility Boats.

 2.        Self-Propelled and Self-Discharging Barges.

 3.        Tug and Barges

 4.        Anchor Handling and Supply Vessels

 5.        Container and CargoVessels.

 6.        Landing Crafts.

 7.        Crane Barges.

 8.        Coal Handling Floating Terminal.

 9.        Luxury Yacht.

10.       All other types of marine crafts and structures.